Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eek! It's Meese!

OMG! Meese is back! MEESE! I thought he was dead! What, the name doesn't ring a bell? Ed Meese, 75th Attorney General of the United States under The Great Communicator, Ronald Reagan? Ed Meese, celebrated for wasting tens of millions of tax dollars on a three-volume government study of pornography, which contained more than a hundred pages of porn flick titles? Ed Meese who was instrumental in spending $30,000 to drape a statue of Justice, whose exposed breasts offended him? Yeah, that Meese. That's him in the above photo, should he bump into you at Safeway. Kind of looks like everybody's favorite weird uncle...

Meese recently signed a conservative manifesto--The Mount Vernon Statement--complete with a George Washington impersonator in attendance to add a bit of veracity. The crux of the document is that the government is ignoring the limits of the Constitution. Read: lets roll back abortion rights, gun control, health care reform, that kind of offensive stuff. It was a great photo op.

And speaking of gun control, let it be known that you can now bring firearms into 392 national parks. That law was signed by President Obama as a rider to a credit card bill, and will allow folks to bring concealed weapons along with their picnic baskets onto federal parkland. The bill was sponsored by Tom Coburn, the Republican Senator from Oklahoma. Remember that name next time someone takes a shot at you as you're enjoying the scenery. Some 275 million visitors came to the park in 2008. Major crimes were committed there, 3,760 of them, to be exact, including homicides and 37 reported rapes. Undoubtedly, a bunch of yahoos carrying concealed Berettas will make things safer...

Is this a great country or what?

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