Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wasted Miracles--The Book

So I just published a book on Kindle. It’s titled Wasted Miracles, (I named this blog after it) and I originally wrote it about a decade ago, rewrote it two or three times, and decided to put it out there to see what might happen. It’s not the best thing I have written but it’s frankly better than a lot of crap you’ll pay ten bucks for in paperback. Obviously, you need a Kindle to access it, and if you have one, the book is available at:

It goes for $6.99, of which I will receive 70 percent in English-speaking countries and 35 percent elsewhere. I don’t know why that is but am sure there is very fine print somewhere explaining the anomaly. The book is 367 pages long, so you’re going to be paying just about two cents a page, which I personally believe is a pretty good deal.

Since I don’t want anyone to assume from the title that this work may have religious overtones (it doesn’t), here is what is called ‘a pitch,’ or a very brief intro to persuade you to buy the thing.

The Zulu wants his heroin back. His reputation is at stake. He and his bodyguard Comfort Okwiuke have their honor to uphold.

But where are the drugs? Did Herbie a mid-level seller, take them? Or is it Josie, his 19 year old alcoholic girlfriend? What of Mollie Catfish, a bar dancer? Or Jennifer Jamieson and Clare Drake, call girls who have smuggled a mysterious bundle aboard the cruise ship Isadora?

Wasted Miracles, set in the Nation’s Capital, brings together protagonist Colin Marsh, a one-time reporter; his lover and Josie’s mother, Catherine; and Mamadou Dioh, a Senegalese immigrant and former policeman.

The kidnapping of Josie launches Colin and Dioh into the realm of murder, revenge, arson and betrayal in the meanest neighborhoods of the Nation’s Capital. Colin and Dioh battle the Zulu and his henchmen in a war where quarter is neither given nor expected. Their survival depends on daring, strength, street smarts and the help of Aunt Mim, a doyenne of Black Washington who once helped engineer the jailing of the city’s Mayor.

Wasted Miracles is an intimate look at the darker side of Washington, DC, once known as the crime capital of North America, and a glimpse into the deadly business of addiction.

So there you are. Remember, this book was written and published in America, which should make you feel patriotic if you purchase it. It is set in Washington, a city many of you are familiar with, and all proceeds will go to benefit a local writer.

If you do buy it, I hope it provides you a bit of summer pleasure. There’s a modicum of sex and violence, not too much morality, and the good guys win in the end, kind of. Happy reading and many thanks!

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