Sunday, February 10, 2013

Writing About People, Places & Things

So after writing some 500 blogs on varying subjects—some with a modicum of wisdom and others not—I recently culled what I thought were the best hundred or so entries and created a collection titled Writings About People, Places & Things. I edited the thing, formatted it to the demanding specifications required by Amazon’s Kindle, bought a photo and created a cover, and on Thursday lofted the thing into the ebook universe. It’s available at http:/

I did this partially because I believe some of the writing is worth keeping, and largely because in a couple of days I will go in for the fourth surgical procedure to arrest a cancer that apparently does not wish to be arrested. Though I am trying to enter this latest foray with a positive attitude, I have to admit the whole thing is getting old. I was initially diagnosed more than 18 months ago, declared cancer-free and then not-so-much cancer-free two times following a battery of follow-up tests. This, I know, is often the way cancer works, and it has left me, scared, depressed, and resigned.

The one positive aspect of this situation is that I have been writing more than ever.  I have three uncompleted projects that need attention and I am determined to finish them within the year. I plan to demand St. Martin’s Press shower me with dollars and an international book tour, but if the editors there do not consider the works worthy (inconceivable, I know, but the world is a strange and unfair place) I will self-publish.

If you are reading this blog, do me a favor: please download or sample Writings About People, Places & Things on your Kindle, Nook, PC, or pad. Write a review and help me foster some interest among readers. I’d really appreciate it.  Thanks!

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