Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ha, I Say

So this may be the best card I have received in many months. Sent by my friend Lisa who gave up life in the big city to be in some godawful alligator- and toad-infested Floridian backwater where the sinkholes and poodle-gobbling Burmese pythons abound, not to mention 12-foot-long Komodo lizards that have taken over bankrupt housing developments.

Personally, I find this card hilarious and to the point. I’m glad a card-maker (this is by That’s All and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the fight against ovarian cancer) has come to terms with the fact that yes, us cancer folks do feel we’re better than you… We are noble, we face adversity with a firecracker grin, we are, in a word, beings made superior by the abnormality of our nasty, invasive cells. Think of us as Christians battling heathen Saracens.
In other words, deal with it.
(Oh god, it's so sad to know without a doubt that somewhere, somehow, someone will read this and take it seriously and send me either an insulting comment or suggest I drink three glasses of carrot juice a day. If you are this person, I can only recommend restraint of pen and tongue. Really. Have a nice day.)

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