Thursday, April 24, 2014

Georgia on my Mind

I am scanning my morning Washington Post and the news is not good. Most days there’s at least a hint of the positive on the Post front page: someone saves someone else from a fiery death; an inner city kid makes good opening a lemonade stand in a dangerous neighborhood; a fisherman catches a largemouth bass that has swallowed a diamond engagement ring and he returns said ring to its delighted owner who had given up any hope of ever seeing it again.  
Today, nada.
The top stories are Navy reassigns ex-Blue Angels leader, because, like too many high-ranking military, he is facing inquiries into alleged hazing and sexual harassment. I never would have suspected!  I once saw the Angels at an air show and was really impressed; nothing in their aerial acrobatics suggested inappropriate behavior.
Then, Hill panel critical of ex-DHS watchdog. That’s two ‘ex-’ above the fold, never a good sign. At any rate, it seems that (take a deep breath, this is the longest paragraph you will read today,)  “The top watchdog for the Department of Homeland Security altered and delayed investigations at the request of senior administration officials, compromising his independent role as an inspector general, according to a new report from a Senate oversight panel.” Well, I never! Such duplicity, right here in Washington, DC!
Moving right along, we find a story about the re-emergence of a troublesome Afghan warlord, and next to that, Students know computers, not the science behind them. Roughly the equivalent of, “Man drives car, does not know how carburetor works.”
Turning to page A-3--there’s rarely anything readable on page A-2--I see a small headline, Law expands right to carry firearm. Uh oh.  According to this brief report, Gov. Nathan Deal (R) of Georgia “signed a broad expansion of gun-carrying rights into law Wednesday, allowing legal gun owners to take weapons into bars, churches and government buildings under certain conditions, The measure permits hunters to use silencers and authorizes schools to allow staff members to carry weapons on campus.”
Now that’s  news! At long last, the oppressed gun owners of the great state of Georgia will be able to mix weapons and alcohol, weapons and religion, weapons and education, and use silencers!  What could go wrong?

I like Georgia. As they say there, there’s a Waffle House within walking distance of every Waffle House. I am wondering if Governor Deal and Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association know each other well. I am thinking this law was probably passed by the same legislators who thought it a good idea to sell beer and wine in gas stations.  I am wondering how long a detour I’ll have to make to avoid Georgia the next time I drive to Florida. I am anticipating the sad headlines soon to follow: “Gunman praises God, assaults church, reloads at Dew Drop Inn tavern.”
Is this a great country or what?

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