Monday, July 6, 2015


Collectives are wonderfully named and never fail to bring a smile.

My friend Alex Tolstoy (yes, that is her name; yes, she is a distant relative of Tolstoy, and she’s a wondrous painter whose works have been shown nationally and can be seen at ) sent me this. I couldn’t help but add a few. 

These are aptly named:

a shrewdness of apes

a sounder of boars

a pounce of cats

a peep of chickens

a paddling of ducks

a memory of elephants

a bloat of hippopotamuses

a cackle of hyenas

a scold of jays

a leap of leopards

a mischief of mice

an ostentation of peacocks

an unkindness of ravens

a scurry of squirrels

a wisdom of wombats

a murder of crows

a crash or rhinoceroses


Here are some that SHOULD be real:


a muddle of confused people

a harrumph of malcontents

a galoot of idiots

a babble of acousticians

a coot of codgers

an appeal of onions

a cloud of depressives

a pocket of kleptomaniacs

a confusion of bipolars

a clutch of purse snatchers

a giggle of girls

a sack of quarterbacks

an ascent of stairs

a cloud of smokers

a howl of hounds

a riot of comedians

a stripe of tigers

an amity of friends

a taste of honeys

a roundness of pears

a delusion of addicts

a shiver of ice-cream

a dump of bad tastes

a whine of complainers

a moan of sufferers

a croak of frogs

a troop of trees

a huddle of bananas

a bloom of roses

a flight of 12-steppers

a crunch of apples

a nestle of cherries

a palette of painters

a trip of dopers

a chord of guitarists

a hoot of Annies

an orbit of eccentrics  

a sniffle of allergies


Do you have a favorite that’s not listed?


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