Friday, September 25, 2015

Signing--The Aftermath

Yogi Berra, who died the day before yesterday, once said, “Always make sure you go to the funerals of others, because if you don’t, they won’t come to yours.”

Book signings are next-of-kin to non-denominational funeral services. People say nice things about you and mispronounce your names, and something you liked is read. Afterwards, there’s a get-together someplace nearby and people drink wine and eat potato chips.

So the book signing for The Fortunate Few went well and the book sold out. I was grateful for all the good folks who attended, and surprised by the non-response and no-show of some friends whose events I had gone to. There were posters of the book’s cover with my name in BIG LETTERS. The five rows of folding chairs were quickly filled. I got to talk a little bit about the genesis of the book, answer some questions about the volunteers and IVS, the organization I wrote about. I signed a bunch of fly-leafs with a barely legible hand. And I accepted (humbly, of course) the congratulations of colleagues. Then a bunch of us went to a small after-signing party hosted by my writer-friend Lori. This was writing life at its best.

It was fun. One More Page Books is an ideal setting for signings. It’s a real bookstore, meaning it primarily sells books, and it’s also a center for the local writing crowd. Hopefully, some of the people who’d never been there before will go again. I’m already planning the signing for my next book, Dope. More will be revealed.




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