Tuesday, May 17, 2011


One buffoon down, one to go. Yesterday, Donald Trump announced he would not seek the presidency, not because he felt he might lose (Trump does not lose) but because he basically had other, more interesting and profitable things to do. Which, all in all, makes him less of a buffoon than Newt Gingrich in whose eyes a  run for office has become a patriotic necessity. It seems no one else can save the nation and so the former speaker of the House feels it incumbent to do so. The hubris involved here is breathtaking.

In other news of great men doing foolish things, the head of the International Monetary Fund, an organization that lends vast sums to economically troubled nations, was accused of molesting an African chambermaid while nude in a $3,000-a-day New York hotel. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, I hate to say it, is French, and part of that tribe of super-achievers who feel the daily rules of existence do not apply to them. His alleged post-assault behavior, however, puts him in the league of a local low-life thief who left his cell phone in a house he had robbed. D S-K thought he might have left his cell phone in the hotel. He called the concierge who had been alerted of the alleged assault and found out the IMF chief was at an airport and headed for Paris. Police removed him from the plane shortly before take-off and Le Chef spent the night in prison.

I am thinking that Newt and Dominique would make fine bedfellows. Newt wants to be President of the US. Dominique was rumored to be a strong Socialist candidate for the French presidency, challenging incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy.

I can’t help but fantasize on an initial meeting between Gingrich and Strauss-Khan should both have their political wishes granted and become el hombre numero uno of their respective nations.

Gingrich: “So, Dom, congrats! You beat the rap too!”

Strauss-Kahn: “Ah, Newton… All those petty people and their petty rules!”

Gingrich: “Tell me about it! You can’t imagine what I had to endure just because I had an affair and dated my third wife while still married to my second.”

Strauss-Kahn: “Mais oui. Or maybe mais non ! I was criticized for having an affair too, years ago! And then they charged me with attempted rape! Criminal sexual act! Sexual abuse! Forcible touching! Touching! Who would think that would matter? People!”

Gingrich (with apologies to Seinfeld): “People! They’re the worst!”

No doubt a new era of Franco-American friendship would blossom.  Almost makes me nostalgic for freedom fries…

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