Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Twelve Minutes

So yesterday I had my twelve minutes of fame. Andy Warhol stipulated I should have gotten fifteen, but I had to visit the restroom for three minutes. In case you missed this important event, you can bear witness at

I can tell you, I’m glad it’s over; celebrity is not all it’s cracked up to be. No one recognized me in the street; no one hounded me for autographs. The paparazzi stayed well hidden. I did not get a free goodie bag full of great stuff or even a breakfast discount at Panera.

I think my minutes were overshadowed by those of a bank robber who escaped custody close to where I live. He was known locally

as the bicycle robber because that was his preferred mode of escape after pulling a job. Yesterday, during my minutes, he fled from a hospital and led a horde of police and sheriffs on a merry chase. I think his fifteen minutes were more adventurous than mine. On the positive side, mine didn’t involve guns or handcuffs.

I got a fair number of emails, one or two of the heartbreaking variety from people with far worse cancer situations than mine. I heard from old friends. I notified those old friends I did not hear from that my minutes were rapidly elapsing and got a couple more emails. I am now on YouTube with, as of this morning, 647 views. I know. Impressive.

Last Friday’s surgery went well, as those things go, though I won’t be sure until biopsy results come in later this week. No pain since they took the tubes out and now I can again walk like a man.

My new book is on Amazon and appears to be selling. I decided that anyone buying the paperback would get an EBook free, so here’s your chance for a twofer. It’s available from Being painfully honest, I have to divulge that it’s not an entirely new book but a re-edited version of a novel I wrote a few years ago, Wasted Miracles. But let’s be honest, even if once upon a time you read Wasted Miracles, you’ve forgotten it by now, and this is a new and much improved version with a totally cool new cover. So you should buy either the eBook version or the paperback and write reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, because nowadays, writers really have to flog their works in order to survive, so I plan to beat the living hell out of this one.

My new song, Jesus My Friend, an equal opportunity wail against all gods great and small, was featured but not fully played on It’s available from

I think I need another fifteen minutes.






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